Therapy for Women

 I help women experiencing the full variety of life's seasonal transitions: relationships, parenting, career changes, emotional suffering and mood, stress and anxiety, chronic pain, effects of trauma and search for meaning. I'll guide you in healing body and mind through self discovery and acceptance, broadening perspectives, and learning new skills. 

Emerging from Self Judgment and Perfectionism

My work with women, no matter the symptoms, inevitably leads to an examination of self-judging thoughts that hold us back. From the time we are born, we are taught how to think, feel, and behave from our families and within our larger cultural context. Inherent in this process, is changing oneself to meet the expectation of others. This need to conform for acceptance creates an objectified view of oneself, and the result is often a sense of "I'm not o.k. as I am," and a lifetime of striving to be what others expect us to be. This conditioning is in us in the form of thoughts (judgments) that tell us we are alone, different, or separate from others.

Counseling can help provide a safe place to welcome and integrate the whole self: the body sensations, emotions, desires, and judging thoughts with acceptance and compassion. This process of self-discovery and acceptance is paradoxically the key to change that we seek.     

I might be the right therapist for you if...