About Me

 I imagine each of us on a unique journey to health, wholeness, and contentment. Psychiatrist Irvin Yalom thinks of his clients as fellow travelers, acknowledging the patient and healer in all of us. My personal story informs my work, as does the wisdom of each of my clients whom I learn from daily.

Counseling Approach

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Humanistic/Existential -  I think of human beings as having an inner-compass, based on our own experiences, that guides us toward growth and wholeness. A therapeutic relationship based in genuineness, positive regard, and empathetic listening can help you learn to access your own wisdom as you navigate life's inevitable challenges.

Mindfulness-based - I welcome all aspects of your present experience to emerge. This includes thoughts (judgments), feelings, body sensations, needs, desires, actions, and sense of purpose or meaning. I teach skills to help you tune into your fuller experience in the moment non-judgmentally.

Experiential - I invite you to engage in new experiences that allow you to learn more about yourself. Experiences are unique and co-created with you, but may include being vulnerable in relationship; visualizations; nature-based therapy; writing; play-therapy; skills practice; or movement. Mindfulness-based processing of experience is used to integrate new learning into new ways of perceiving, feeling, and being in daily life.

Hakomi - I am a certified Hakomi therapist. Hakomi is a body-centered (somatic) psychotherapy, to assist you in self-discovery as you uncover unconscious experiences and beliefs that are obstacles in the path to ease, connection and vitality. Read more about Hakomi here.

I also use attachment-focused EMDR (eye movement and desensitization reprocessing) and Lifespan Integration to help process traumatic experiences and heal attachment wounds.

Experience and Training

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State. I have 10 years of experience providing group therapy for children, adolescents, and their families in long-term children's inpatient programs and 10 years of experience training educators and mental-health professionals in the areas of social skills education and violence & bullying prevention. In 2010, I went on to further my clinical training and received a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University.  In addition to my private practice, I am also a Positive Discipline facilitator for Sound Discipline and I facilitate mindfulness-based, experiential, workshops in a variety of community settings.